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Asbestos cloth coated with good quality resilient rubber proofing is available in the continuous sheet form as well as folded tape form. Proofed sheeting and tapes, due to good flow characteristics are excellent sealing materials particularly where the flange surfaces are not machined and uniform. Proofed goods are expected to yield under minor pressures to conform to uneven and rough surfaces to offer a perfect seal. Further the proofed goods used under high temperature conditions allow the rubber compound to vulcunise and provide a hard joint for efficient sealing.
An all purpose jointing material for sealing manholes, hand-holes and inspection covers on boilers, tanks and pressure vessels, retort doors and other applications against air, water, steam and mild alkalies. AMT 77 is specially recommended for sealing doors of hot ovens and fireproof safes, hot air ducts, panels and cowlings, etc.