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BARC deals in asbestos yarns in a wide range of constructions with a wide range of properties dependent on the various applications intended. However, they are commercially distinguished under
the following groups:

A)  Non-metallic
B) Metallic-incorporating metal wire
C) Union-in combination with cotton threads. The size, diameter, or “count” of a yarn can be expressed in many ways-The modern international method used is the TEX system. The “TEX NUMBER” indicates the weight of yarn in grams per Km. length.

Several strands of yarn can be twisted or braided to produce the yarn or rope of a higher diameter.
The yarn can be reinforced with ductile metal wires such as brass, copper, zinc, lead, inconel, monel, stainless steel, etc.

Reinforcement with filaments of metal wire offers particular properties in the end product, such as heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, strength retention or particular friction properties. It can also be spun in combination with cotton or yarns made with man-made fibres to give an added advantage of higher strength and flexibility in lower temperature applications.

Asbestos yarn can also be treated with high quality lubricants, oil resisting compounds, PTFE and coated with flake graphite or mica for specific applications.

SERVICE :  Asbestos yarn has a wide range of applications—in heat insulation, sealing, electrical insulations, fire protection, friction materials, etc. Asbestos yarn is also used for packing valve spindles, lagging small pipes, sealing joints in flexible metallic tubings, packing for bib-cocks at low pressure steam, sewing asbestos mattresses, in switch and fuse gear, braiding of electric cables, weaving of electrical resistance kits, cushions for glass in patent glazing bars. In addition to this, the asbestos yarn forms a base for the manufacture of packings, tubings and cloths which service the wide ranging needs of any industry.

Quality Nomenclature Product Description Nominal
Dia (mm)
Specification Compliance
FYSAX AMY 21 Non-metallic Commercial grade 1.5 to6.0 DGS&D G/Misc/81-C Commercial quality
FYSAX AMYM 71 Single ply. Reinforced with Single strand brass wire 1.6 -
FYSAX AMYM  ZW2 Single ply Reinforced with two strands of zinc wire 1.7 -
FYSAX AMY 81 Single ply Non-metallic Commercial grade 1.2 -
FYSAX AMY 541 Single ply Non-metallic Special grade for high temperature application 1.0 DGS&D G/Misc/81-C  Spl. quality., I.N.F. 6 (a)
FYSAX AMYM 81 Single ply Reinforced with single strand of brass wire 1.3 -
FYSAX AMYG 63 No. of plies twisted together Non-metallic Lubricated and Graphited 1.5 to 6.0 -
FYSAX AMYGM 64 Two ply Each ply reinforced with a single strand of brass wire Lubricated and Graphited 1.5 -
FYSAX AMY 17/3 Three ends of asbestos yarn twisted together Non-metallic 1.6 -
FYSAX AMY 32 Single ply fine yarn Non-metallic 0.5 -
FYSAX AMY32/2 Two ends of asbestos fine yarns  twisted together Non-metalllic 0.8 -
FYSAX AMYP 13 100% Pure asbestos, single ply  Non-metallic 0.8 -
FYSAX AMYP 13/2 Two ends of 100% Pure asbestos yarns twisted together Non-metallic 1.5 -

Sizes are theoretic and  indicative. Applicable tolerance + 10% if not covered  by specifications.